How To Design a Beauty Salon

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How To Design a Beauty Salon

When you think of a beauty salon then I’m sure that you have a fairly similar image in your head that everyone else does but why is this?

Most would say that it’s because there is a simple formula to follow that every salon should follow to produce results and continue to keep clients happy. What if I were to tell you that this formula is completely wrong!

Yes I said it, wrong. The beauty salon industry suffers from what I like to call the “copy copy” syndrome. Where in that no effort in the past 15 years has gone into advancing the design, layout or experience for clients. Not only has this hindered the industry as a whole but it’s also lowered the expectations for anyone seeking a great experience with their stylist.

The alternate is also true, to stand out in todays market it’s incredibly easy. All you have to do is put in a little effort into thinking outside of the box.

We tracked down a local Scottsdale, AZ salon owner April Hildebrandt who has turned the idea of the typical beauty salon upside down. Normally when you walk into a salon you expect to enter a corporate center with cookie cutter stations lining the walls. When you walk in Sassi you are walking into a quaint little home with 4 exclusive chair and catered to the stylists personality. We asked her why she designed it this way and the results she’s seen from the transition.

“To be honest I started in a box salon like everyone else and I really feel like it hindered my ability to connect with my clients. I they sensed they were just number and it wans’t personal because nothing in that salon exposed them to my personality, it’s hard to ask someone to open up about theirs if everything about yours is hidden.

My new salon has completely transformed my relationship with my clients, I now consider them all friends”

To learn more about the home style salon April offers visit Sassi Salon Scottsdale.