Red Booth Notes: Conversations by Bryan Duncan (Music Review)

Christmas came early this past year for fans of blue-eyed soul. Just one month ago, Bryan Duncan released a new solo album, Conversations. He’s never sounded better. From start to finish, Duncan’s signature sound is front and center. His remarkable voice is instantly recognizable, and his triple-threat gifts are on full display—he’s a superb keyboardist […]

Highlights of 2012: Part 2

2012 was an exciting year: among other things, it was the year that I headed to Texas, where I’m now Chair of the Department of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, and direct the MA in Apologetics. Not surprisingly, many of the top posts on Hieropraxis dealt with literature, the arts, and the creative imagination. Here […]

It’s Complicated, by Steve Bell

I am delighted to feature another in this series of Advent essays by Steve Bell, a gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and writer.  Here he reflects on his discomfort with Christmas –  as for me, I certainly recognize the way that false cheer can paper over the reality of loss and sadness that we need to […]

Timeless: A Review of WaterSky – the album by Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy

WaterSky, the second collaboration of keyboardist Jeff Johnson and guitarist Phil Keaggy, proves the truth of what the poet George MacDonald once wrote: “there is great power in quiet.” WaterSky is an album that deals much in subtlety. And it’s richly contemplative. Each brushstroke of this soundscape is well considered. To again invoke MacDonald’s imagery, […]

On the Edge: A Sonnet

We do not sing lament enough. As a Christian, I believe that the hope the Gospels offer is true: that in Christ, we can be made whole, redeemed, made into the men and women that our Maker intended us to be; that this is not a promise for some far-distant future after we’re dead, but […]