The Importance of Excellence in Christian Art and Literature (Part 4)

In this series, I’ve been making a case for excellence in Christian art and literature (you can read parts one, two, and three here.) Now I’d like to consider the question: What does excellence look like in Christian writing? Excellence includes the quality of the writing: elegance, beauty, effectivenss, clarity, fittingness in the way that […]

A Joyful Debt: A Thanksgiving Sonnet

Two years ago, as part of a friendly challenge among poets, I wrote this sonnet on (and for) the holiday of Thanksgiving. I share it again today, with renewed thanks for my friends and for the gift of language. This year, 2013, I am particularly thankful on this Thanksgiving day for the life and witness […]

On the Edge: A Sonnet

We do not sing lament enough. As a Christian, I believe that the hope the Gospels offer is true: that in Christ, we can be made whole, redeemed, made into the men and women that our Maker intended us to be; that this is not a promise for some far-distant future after we’re dead, but […]