Calling for a Renaissance: Christian Art, Dana Gioia, and The Catholic Writer Today

Hieropraxis readers know that I’ve been arguing for the importance of truly excellent creative work by Christians (see “The Importance of Excellence” parts one, two, three, and four.). We won’t transform the culture by merely wringing our hands at the depths of awfulness of popular media, or by producing more insipid warm-n-fuzzy Jesus inspirational posters. […]

The Art of Surprise

Lots of beginning writers pen stories with surprise endings. Surprise! your quirky narrator was actually a bowling pin . . . Surprise! they were on Mars the whole time! . . . Surprise! This is such a ubiquitous phenomenon that books on the craft perennially warn against using such trickery. Jerome Stern gives precisely this […]

Evangelization, Apologetics, and Literature

Apologetics is a discipline that benefits from many different approaches. Just as archaeologists, textual critics, historians, and specialists in exegesis contribute to the study of Scripture in very different, but complementary ways, so too will different modes and approaches to apologetics help us in the good work of sharing the truth of Christianity with a […]