Red Booth Notes: GK Chesterton on The Book of Job and the Study of Scripture

“Our minds,” said Chesterton, “are mostly a vast uncatalogued library.” There’s much truth in that. How often do we take stock of the things we’ve read, or give thought to how they’ve made us who we are? One could spend a week pondering the import of that one sentence. It’s one of Chesterton’s most arresting […]

Highlights of 2012: Part 2

2012 was an exciting year: among other things, it was the year that I headed to Texas, where I’m now Chair of the Department of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, and direct the MA in Apologetics. Not surprisingly, many of the top posts on Hieropraxis dealt with literature, the arts, and the creative imagination. Here […]

Red Booth Notes: GB Shaw and GK Chesterton

John Bunyan. George Bernard Shaw. G.K. Chesterton. One could be forgiven for thinking them a very unlikely trio; but the actual points of connection between them are as moving as they are memorable. According to a famous story, Shaw was rumored to have said that the one writer better than Shakespeare was himself. Chesterton, who […]

Red Booth Notes: TR and GKC

Dear G.K.C., As I am a supersaturated Dickensite, I pounced on your book and read it—as Wegg read Gibbon and other authors—right slap through.[1]—George Bernard Shaw O Chesterton, I’ve just read your Dickens—it’s as good as Rabelais.[2] – William James   They were instantly recognizable by their initials alone—men of outsized personalities. In the Edwardian […]