Internet and advertising compliance in email marketing

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Internet and advertising compliance in email marketing

Email marketing is growing more popular because it is an easier avenue to reach a person with information about a product. The same rules that apply to trading over the internet apply to trading over mail. However, there is more strict application FTC internet compliance requirement because of the personal nature of communication. Email address has personal information that need to be protected. The people who use mails to communicate also have a right to accept, reject or stop notifications if they are present.

The core mandate of FTC is to ensure that the customers targeted with a product get the best possible deal out of transacting business with you. That way they provide guidelines for business to use for their safety and the safety of their customers in a bid to create a healthy business environment. Below are some of the guidelines that you need to look into if you are involved in email marketing.

Restrict your information requirements to the minimal

FTC internet compliance requires that businesses that market online should use only a very minimal amount of information. For the sake of email advertising, you should request your client to provide only his or her email address. Unless the person intends to buy a product from you, the information requirement should be restricted to that.

Be honest in your advertisement

The first FTC advertising compliance rule of the thumb is honesty. Ensure that the information provided in the advertisement is honest. Make sure that a person intending to buy your products knows the benefits and the risks, if there are, of buying the product you sell. Avoid the use of misleading or deceptive subject lines in your email advertisements. Be sure to inform the recipient of your information that what they are receiving is an ad. Be clear about your physical location, let it be possible for your customer to trace you if he or she wishes. It is beneficial to you and your customer if you provide factual and clear information as provided by the law. If you want to know more, you can attend a FTC seminar

Allow your recipient to opt out

As stated earlier, your clients have a right to decide whether or not they would like to receive your email messages. If the recipient of your mail feels that he or she needs to opt out, you should be able to honor this within 10 business days. This you should do at no cost.

Be paranoid about safety

The fact that you are the trader, FTC internet compliance requires you to protect the information your customers provide you with. However, there are malicious people who may find a way to act on your behalf. Be careful and watchful about what people do on your behalf to avoid legal problems. In some cases, FTC bans malicious people.