The Bible Miniseries from The History Channel: A Review

The History Channel just wrapped up their 5-week mini-series called ‘The Bible.’ Of course, like many other historically informed dramatic re-interpretations, the mini-series had its moments that left its audience scratching its head in curiosity. Did it really happen that way? It was almost as entertaining to follow social media during the first few weeks […]

The Aesthetics of Public Art

I have been thinking about public art – and how it seems almost to be a contradiction in terms these days. As I write this, I’m at the tail end of a summer of traveling, and have spent quite a lot of time in public spaces. Walking around in London, I could see examples of […]

Margery Allingham on Murder

Literature has the power to show us what we otherwise cannot (or will not) see clearly. Take, for instance, murder. A crime, yes? Even in these decadent days, we still recognize the willful killing of another human being as wrong. Not just disruptive of society, but actually wrong. But for how long will this understanding […]