A Christmas Poem

Poems can mean more than the poet realizes. It is interesting to look back on this poem, written in 2011 while I was still an Anglican, and realize that I was feeling the ‘twitch upon the thread’ that would, in a few months time, become a steady and undeniable pull toward the Catholic Church, to […]

A Joyful Debt: A Thanksgiving Sonnet

Two years ago, as part of a friendly challenge among poets, I wrote this sonnet on (and for) the holiday of Thanksgiving. I share it again today, with renewed thanks for my friends and for the gift of language. This year, 2013, I am particularly thankful on this Thanksgiving day for the life and witness […]

Going Forward: A Poem

Over this past year I have been deeply influenced by Charles Williams’ thought, particularly his insights on prayer. I have never felt that the idea of prayer-as-request was exactly satisfactory as a way to understand human interaction with the living God. Both my own experience, and wider reading in the classics of spiritual formation, indicated […]

Broceliande: A Poem of Old and New England

“Broceliande” is the last of three poems I wrote this winter that were inspired by the landscape of Oxford, England and by staying at The Kilns, C.S. Lewis’s home.   One of the images here comes from my reading of Charles Williams’ poetry cycle, Taliessin Through Logres, in which the forest Broceliande mystically connects all […]