Evangelization, Apologetics, and Literature

Apologetics is a discipline that benefits from many different approaches. Just as archaeologists, textual critics, historians, and specialists in exegesis contribute to the study of Scripture in very different, but complementary ways, so too will different modes and approaches to apologetics help us in the good work of sharing the truth of Christianity with a […]

CS Lewis: 25 Percent Apologist, 100 Percent Effective

I’m pleased to feature a guest post by William O’Flaherty, the creator and manager of EssentialCSLewis.com. This month (November 2013) marks the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death. On the 22nd of November, Lewis will receive a Memorial in Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey. In fact, William O’Flaherty has an interview with lead organizer Dr Michael […]

Three C.S. Lewis Links

As I post this, it’s just three weeks to go until the C.S. Lewis in Poets’ Corner Memorial is unveiled… have you donated yet? Details here – as of today, they still need about £4000. All donations, small, large, or medium are welcome! Now, in honor of ‘three weeks to go,’ here are three interesting […]

Seven Tips for Apologists to Improve Their Writing

Words, words, words… as a working Christian apologist, and as a teacher of apologists, I do a lot of thinking about how we communicate. The etymology of ‘communication’ is instructive: “from Latin communicationem (nominative communicatio), noun of action from past participle stem of communicare “to share, divide out; communicate, impart, inform; join, unite, participate in,” […]

Luke, Apologetics, and Spiritual Formation: Part II

Recently, I spoke about the apologist’s need for continuing spiritual formation while pursuing their life’s work. Of course, it’s not just the apologist who should be concerned about this. Socrates was right, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The development of our character touches on all of life’s relationships for better or worse. While […]