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How To Pay For Your Dream Wedding

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To pay for the entire wedding (not including the expense of the diamond engagement ring) here’s where the survey respondents said they’d go for the cash:

• 17 percent would marry as part of a promotional event, for example, on a television special, as part of a bridal show, etc.
• 12 percent would borrow from family and friends
• 8 percent would max out their credit cards
• 7 percent would take a significant loan
• 3 percent would invest their life’s savings
• And then we have the wiser of the wedding couples out there: 66 percent of respondents said “no way” to the above cash sources and would
instead maintain a reasonable budget.
• 92 percent of engaged women own a home computer
• 94 percent of engaged women will use the Internet in the planning of their wedding
(Note: Look at those numbers! Somebody’s planning her wedding from the office computer system!)
• 100 percent of engaged women in the survey report having access to the Internet


Who Are These People?

According to the WeddingRUS survey, their panel of respondents is as follows:
• 100 percent female
• 87 percent of respondents are between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four
• 88 percent are college educated or higher
• The average age of the bride is twenty-seven
• The average age of the groom is twenty-nine
• 72 percent earn over $50,000 a year, with an average income of over $83,000 a year

If those numbers stopped you in your tracks just now, hold on. While it’s true that money is a deciding factor in just how much you can dream up for your ideal wedding day, and while many brides and grooms might have a wedding budget that is many times more than what you might be able to afford, don’t let the money issue stop you.

In this book, you’ll get ideas for all budget ranges, including low budget, ideas for free, and high budget concepts that you might consider at full price or—creatively—attain for less. I ran the gamut here on price ranges to give you more to consider.

Money is going to be an issue, no doubt about it. Let’s be honest about that right up front. But it shouldn’t be the biggest issue. What should be the biggest issue is finding ways to make your wedding all about the two of you in as many personalized and heartfelt ways as possible. You can’t put a price on meaning and sentiment, and some of the most important things about your wedding won’t cost a thing at all.