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Quit Smoking Marijuana and Become a Book Addict

When you ask a person why he smokes marijuana, he will tell you that’s because of the overwhelmingly positive feelings that evoke through consummation of it. Or if we simplify it – because they get “high” and later on become addicted to the feeling.  You don’t need marijuana to visit another world or experience something unknown and new. Do this in the old-fashioned way just by reading books! Books will fill your mind with the most beautiful fantasy lands and landscapes, they will introduce you to very interesting characters and they will taught you a lot of things about life and all its secrets.


Life is too short to spend it in recreational weed stores instead we should fill it with good books that will expand the circle of your knowledge. There are so many books available. You just need to choose the ones that fit you best. You can choose diverse subjects from fiction, epic fantasy and science-fiction to romance, drama, comedy and so on. You will certainly find something you’ll enjoy and adore. In books you can find your alter ego and you can be the hero you’ll follow on various quests. In books, you never know what may happen – you may even fall in love in some fictional character! The best thing is there are no side effects like with smoking marijuana. You can completely enjoy this “drug” as much as you want. There is no a good reason not to spend time reading, you can always organize yourself better or at least enjoy a good book before you’re going to sleep.


Marijuana contains THC which is an active ingredient that affects specific parts of your brain and creates in it a great cellular reaction that you experience as the common “high” feeling. The receptors of THC are called cannabinoid receptors and they are greatly found in the areas of your brain that can influence your memory, feeling of time, concentration, pleasure centers etc. When you go, for example, to legal weed shops in seattle you already feel excited because you know what you’re going to buy and how you’re going to feel very soon. This act already releases dopamine in your body and soon after you consume what you bought, your cannabinoid receptors will be overwhelmed and cause you to feel like you’re in some other state. If you love this feeling you can trigger them all by reading books! If you let go yourself, relax and fully enjoy its every word, I guarantee you, you’ll feel even better! Reading quality books can affect your life immensely. Reading will expand your vocabulary and enrich you spiritually.


Marijuana has many side effects that you probably aren’t even aware of. If you smoke weed your memory capacity will decrease. You’ll eventually always feel slowed down, dull and it will be very hard for you to concentrate on something. Completely opposite will happen when you read books – your memory will increase, you will easily concentrate on multiple things at once, you’ll become smarter and more mature. We say you’ll become more mature because you and your character will encounter different situations which you’re going to live with together. You’ll feel like you experienced the same situation as your fictional character, therefore you’re going to know how to act when you encounter something similar in real life.