D.L. Moody: A Life, by Kevin Belmonte

[Ed. note: Hieropraxis readers have enjoyed many literary-history pieces from Kevin Belmonte, often featuring D.L. Moody, one of Kevin’s particular interests as a biographer. I was pleased to invite him to announce his new biography of Moody here on Hieropraxis! — H.E.O.] Announcing the release of D.L. Moody: A Life a new biography D.L. Moody, […]

Tennyson and Moody: The Poet and the Preacher

When many hear the name Lord Tennyson, their thoughts turn at once to poems like “In Memoriam,” or the Arthurian “Idylls of the King.” Perhaps they recall that Tennyson’s name is synonymous with the Victorian Era, since he was Poet Laureate for much of Queen Victoria’s reign. All this one might learn in a survey […]