Nine Notes about Not God’s Type

Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms was published in October (2014) and I’ve been pleased to see that it’s been getting quite a good reception! I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to talk about my conversion, and about apologetics, literature, and the imagination more broadly speaking, in a number of […]

Five Tips for Christian Writers

  What does it mean to be a Christian writer? On the one hand, it means no more, and no less, than to be a Christian who writes – the same as a Christian architect, or a Christian doctor or nurse, or a Christian plumber or electrician. On the other hand, there is a difference […]

Reflections on My Writing

My friend and fellow writer Kelly Belmonte invited me to contribute to a series of blog posts reflecting on writing practice (check out her contribution, and her new poetry book!) I always find it interesting to hear how fellow writers approach their work, so I was glad to put in my two cents, as follows: 1. […]

Making Ideas Sticky

The calling of the apologist is not simply to communicate true ideas and information, but to communicate effectively. Otherwise we are talking to ourselves, at best, and at worst, annoying people into rejecting the truth. One aspect of effective communication involves presenting ideas in a way that is engaging and memorable – in a way […]

Calling for a Renaissance: Christian Art, Dana Gioia, and The Catholic Writer Today

Hieropraxis readers know that I’ve been arguing for the importance of truly excellent creative work by Christians (see “The Importance of Excellence” parts one, two, three, and four.). We won’t transform the culture by merely wringing our hands at the depths of awfulness of popular media, or by producing more insipid warm-n-fuzzy Jesus inspirational posters. […]