About Hieropraxis

Hieropraxis is the blog of Dr Holly Ordway, writer, speaker, teacher, and Christian apologist. She explores the intersection of literature and faith, and of reason and imagination.

In addition, a number of guest writers contribute pieces on a regular basis, helping to make Hieropraxis into a true community of writers (and readers!). You can read more about the Hieropraxis writers here, and view Dr Ordway’s media page here.

“Hieropraxis” combines the words “hieros” (meaning “sacred” in Greek) and “praxis” (meaning “practice” or “action”). Hieropraxis is thus a place to explore the practice of living a holy life, a life lived in the light of the knowledge of God revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ. A new word formed from two ancient ones, Hieropraxis reminds us that the faith once delivered to the saints can indeed be lived out, in all its richness and truth, in the present day.