Jul 7, 2014

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The City Podcast: Spiritual Growth

How to Imitate Christ

Featuring: Dr. David Capes, Dr. Holly Ordway

We know that as Christians we are commanded to imitate Christ. In this podcast, Dr. Capes and Dr. Ordway, both faculty in HBU’s School of Christian Thought, share some practical ways to help us imitate Christ in our lives and in our worship.


Thankfulness vs. Gratitude

Featuring: Cate MacDonald, Dr. Holly Ordway, Dr. John Mark Reynolds

“…the worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and has no one to thank.” G.K. Chesterton



Dr. Holly Ordway is the director of the MA in Cultural Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, a poet, and the author of the memoir Not God’s Type (revised and expanded second ed. forthcoming 2014, Ignatius Press). Her work focuses on imaginative and literary apologetics, with special attention to C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.

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