Jun 17, 2013

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The City Podcast 7: Film, Mere Christianity, and Education

A potpourri of podcasts from The City: the future of film, orthodox ecumenism in practice, and practical thoughts about educating the young, all on The City Podcast:


A Cinema School for Houston? 

Sure, you might think “Hollywood” when you think of the film industry, but as Joshua Sikora, the director of HBU’s new Cinema and New Media Arts program, can tell you, it’s a new environment for film and media. Digital filmmaking and the Internet has shaken up the industry.

Josh talks about the difference between media and film, the emerging need for more creative jobs than technical, and the advantages of being in Houston.

Mere Christianity in a Mythic Moment

To some people, ‘ecumenism’ means ‘mushy compromise.’ But at HBU, we know that’s not the case. Why is this important, and how do we manage it?

Dr John Mark Reynolds, Mary Jo Sharp, Cate MacDonald and I discuss:

The melting pot nature of the city of Houston, and the mere Christian mission of HBU bring to light the ways in which Christians from vastly different denominations can work closely together while still maintaining their doctrinal distinctiveness.

Why Doesn’t College Start at Age 12 Anymore?

Cate MacDonald, director of The Academy at HBU, discusses education with David Gilbert and Dr John Mark Reynolds:

She says that much of what we do in college should begin at age 12.

Was creativity encouraged in your family? Did you have a TV growing up? Did you discuss your entertainment with others or just consume it? Did your parents read to you?

Is your mind now asleep or awake?



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  1. Could you post a link for the RSS feed for the podcast. The site only seems to have individual episodes for listening, but no way to add the feed to a podcast app. Thanks!

    • Holly Ordway says:


      civitate.org/feed/podcast should work.

      If not, then try civitate.org/podcast/feed.

      Thanks for listening!