Jun 10, 2013

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Update on CS Lewis Memorial in Westminster Abbey: Now with an Anthem

I’m very excited about the CS Lewis in Poets’ Corner project, because 1) it’s a brilliant idea that’s being executed extremely well, and 2) it’s being organized by my friend and colleague Dr Michael Ward. I am pleased to report that the project now has an additional element: a memorial anthem!

The Memorial Anthem

The newest part of the Lewis in Poets’ Corner project is an original choral anthem. It will be based on the text of a poem by C.S. Lewis, and commissioned to be done by a major British composer. This anthem, which will be premiered at the conference this November, adds a new and wonderful dimension to the 50th anniversary memorial of Lewis’s life and work. Not only will he have a memorial plaque physically present in Westminster Abbey, but his words set to music can become part of the Anglican choral tradition and be sung all over the world from now on. A fact sheet about the memorial anthem can be found here, along with details about how you can donate.


The Poets’ Corner Memorial

The C.S. Lewis Memorial will be placed in the famous Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abbey – alongside greats such as William Shakespeare, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Charles Dickens – on the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death. It speaks to the tremendous impact that CS Lewis has had, and continues to have, on millions of people all over the world, through his apologetics and literary work.

There will also be a two-day conference, Nov. 21-22, featuring talks by Alister McGrath and Malcolm Guite (on the rational and imaginative aspects of Lewis’s apologetics, respectively), a panel discussion, an Evensong, and a service of thanksgiving.

I encourage you to consider making a donation (you can donate any amount, by Paypal or check, here): the Abbey has given permission for the Memorial but all funds to pay for it must be privately raised.


Dr. Holly Ordway is a poet, academic, and Christian apologist. She is the chair of the Department of Apologetics and director of the MA in Cultural Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, and the author of Not God’s Type (2010; 2nd ed. forthcoming, 2014, Ignatius Press). Her work focuses on imaginative and literary apologetics, with special attention to C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.



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