Mar 13, 2013

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The Hobbit Film, Texas, and More on The City Podcasts 4

Here are three new podcasts from The City, the weekly show I do with Dr John Mark Reynolds and Cate MacDonald – and it’s a fun mix. Hobbits and Texas!

Does The Hobbit Movie Succeed as an Adaptation? Good question, dear readers and listeners, good question. Film producer David Gilbert and I don’t quite see eye to eye on this… but we don’t just talk about that, but also about the ways that books and movies involve the imagination in different ways, and what makes a good adaptation. Spoiler warning: we talk freely about the plot of The Hobbit.

The Real Meaning of States’ Rights, or Can Texas Really Secede? File this under “things I never thought about until I moved to Texas.” Can Texas secede? But more than that, our guest on this show Dr Chris Hammonds, professor of government at HBU, talks about the real significance of states’ rights – and what a ‘federal’ government really means.

What Makes Texas Special? An Outside Perspective. Here we all are at Houston Baptist University: I’m from Massachusetts, Cate MacDonald is a native Californian, and Dr John Mark Reynolds hails from West Virginia. In this show, we have an interesting discussion about regional identity, and why Houston is the right place for our current project.

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