Feb 18, 2013

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Eros, Education, and Culture on The City Podcast

New podcasts on The City: lively and quirky and interesting as always:

What is the Higher Education Bubble?  In this show, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Cate MacDonald, and I discuss the (exploding) costs of higher education, what makes it a ‘bubble’ and why the higher ed bubble is different from, say, the Tulip Mania. We’re all university faculty, so this has a practical application for us and for the students we teach! What is the real value of a college education? How much should you pay to get it? What can we do?

New Media and Shared Culture: Is it even possible to have ‘shared culture’ today, with media catering to every niche market? Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Cate MacDonald, and I talk with our guest Dr. Jeff Wilkinson, who teaches mass communication at HBU. I’m a bit of a technology skeptic; Dr Reynolds is a thoroughgoing technology optimist; we have a lively discussion!

Love, Marriage, Singleness… and Cheesecake. We did this show for Valentine’s Day, and decided to tackle some of the big issues. Here’s a podcast about love where we talk about singleness, about marriage, and whether our culture’s attention to (obsession with!) sex has undermined friendship. What is the role of Eros in relationships?


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  1. Hey Holly,

    I listened to the podcast with you and Dr. Reynolds this evening and just wanted to drop a comment and say hey. I appreciated your thought provoking thoughts. Hope all is going well in Texas!


    • Holly Ordway says:

      Nice to hear from you, Caleb! Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Things are going well here — we launched the new MA in Apologetics this spring, so we have our first graduate students on campus and are recruiting for the Fall, and have various other good projects in the works (including a Christianity and Literature conference in September on the theme of Virtue — that’ll be fun.) Hope you are doing well, also!