Jan 30, 2013

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Politics, Culture, and Religious Liberty: on The City Podcast

Politics? Really? Generally speaking, I don’t get into discussions about politics and current events, but one of the things I like about being a co-host on The City Podcast is that I get drawn into worthwhile conversations about topics outside my usual range of interests.

Here are the three latest podcasts from The City:


Election Analysis: Part 1. Dr Robert Stacey, associate provost at HBU and political scientist, is our guest on this show. We talk about the 2012 election, but in a way that’s actually interesting (to people like me, who tend to avoid political commentary). Here’s what we talk about:

Why did Romney lose? Why was he surprised by the loss? Why is higher education so very leftist? You probably didn’t know that the more educated you are the more likely you are to vote conservative… until you hit the Ph.D. level. We also dive into the question of the electoral college, what to do if your vote doesn’t matter, and whether Hispanics will remain a distinct voting bloc.

Election Analysis: Part 2. In this continuation of our conversation with Dr Stacey, we broaden out the discussion to the question of how we can influence culture, rather than just react to it. I talk about the medieval image of the Wheel of Fortune and it’s actually relevant to the discussion!

Why Is HBU Suing the Federal Government? In this outstanding show, Dr Robert Sloan, the President of Houston Baptist University, talks with Dr John Mark Reynolds and Cate MacDonald – an important topic. I am proud to be a faculty member at HBU!

Here’s the overview:

Dr. Reynolds and President Sloan discuss the lawsuit that Houston Baptist University has filed against the federal government over the mandate included in Obamacare that religious institutions are required to provide health insurance that covers health services that violate their religious teachings. HBU joins a number of other faith-based universities that have also filed lawsuits about this issue. But this conversation covers more than information or announcements. Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Sloan really get at the heart of the culture wars and what religious liberty really means, how Christianity is not merely an internal experience, and the role of Christian universities in this situation.

Religious liberty matters – and it’s important for all Christians to stand together on this.



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