Dec 31, 2012

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The City Podcasts: Smart. Sane. Spiritual.

I am very pleased to be part of the team for “The City Podcast”, where three of us (and a variety of guests) discuss culture, politics, literature, and anything else that suits us. My co-hosts are Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Provost of Houston Baptist University, and Cate MacDonald, Director of The Academy at HBU, a classical, Christian, dual-enrollment program for junior high and high school students in the Houston area.

The shows will run regularly on Tuesdays on Here are the first three episodes:

Show 1: The City Podcast Arrives – click here to go to the podcast. We discuss how the ubiquity of information has changed education. Is the lecture format dead? Does the ability to Google anything and everything change how we learn? John Mark is a technology optimist and I am somewhat of a technology skeptic, so we have a lively discussion here.

Show 2: Hobbits and More- click here to go to the podcast. Our guest for this episode is Dr. Lou Markos, discussing ideas in his new book On the Shoulders of Hobbits, which explores virtue in the works of Tolkien and Lewis. Note that this episode was recorded before the film of The Hobbit came out. (For the record, I have now seen the film and was deeply disappointed.)

Show 3: Fandom or Permanence?- click here to go to the podcast In this more informal episode, we talk about the ephemeral nature of media on the Internet, how the accessibility of information changes us, and what it means to be a ‘fan’.


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  1. Jonathan Homrighausen says:

    Are these up yet? I couldn’t find them either in the podcast store or on iTunes U. I’m especially interested in the one on Tolkien. You’re inspiring me to reread LOTR, which I read in 8th grade and found torturous.

    • Holly Ordway says:


      Glad you asked. Yes, they’re up on Civitate – I’ve revised my post slightly to show the links (I realized that it wasn’t clear that the titles were links to the episodes). You can now follow the links to the Civitate site where the audio player (and option to download) appears. They may not be on iTunes yet, but when they are, they’ll be in the regular Podcasts section (not iTunes U).

      Enjoy LOTR!

  2. I enjoyed these very much – especially the discussion on LOTR. Samwise was always my favorite character, because of his loyalty – a character trait I appreciate and admire. Keep ‘em coming!

    • Holly Ordway says:

      Thanks, David! I’m not sure when the next episode will be out, but I’ll link to them here regularly!

      • As a side note, I did guffaw heartily at your story of the Houston heat. I also lived in Houston for eight years (and attended College Park Baptist Church – across the street from HBU, incidentally) after having lived only in Seattle and Portland.

        My first day in Houston was August 1st and, in the early afternoon, it began to rain.

        “Oh good,” I thought to myself, “a little rain will cool things off a bit.”

        Have you stopped laughing yet?

        Yes, I do not need to go any further but – for those reading who may be curious – the short rainfall only served to make it even hotter!

        I knew then that I was in for a very big adjustment. :)