Jun 23, 2011

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Contemporary Art and Christian Faith: Echo

Echo brings together television static caused by cosmic background radiation from the big bang and a rosette pattern from the South Rose Window from St. Denis Cathedral in France depicting the story of Genesis.

I had wanted to make use of television static for some time as I am fascinated by the fact that something so mundane as television “snow” comes from the birth of the universe, as we currently understand the Big Bang.

The rosette pattern, however, was a later decision made when I decided on a general strategy for the use of the static in some sort of wall piece. I began to look for geometric and fractal patterns that may allude to an underlying organizational structure while possibly giving some illusion of volume. I am typically resistant to art historical references and not particularly interested in European art history, but as I was preparing my Art Orientation class I saw an image of a Gothic Rose Window and was intrigued by its possibilities for this project. As I researched the history and ideas behind the rose windows I felt them a good solution, but it wasn’t until I discovered that the South Rose Window from St. Denis Cathedral depicted Genesis that I was excited about using the pattern and felt the piece complete.

Click on the image below to view a higher resolution version.



Plywood Rose Window after South Rose Window from St. Denis Cathedral, France depicting the story of Genesis, Television and Television static caused by Cosmic Background Radiation left over from the Big Bang. 11×11 inches. 2009


Since completion this work was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego as part of an exhibition entitled Here Not There: San Diego Art Now where it was then purchased as part of the museum’s permanent collection. You can view my work and writings about my work at adambelt.com.


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